Présentation générale :


Maison La Mauny White Rhum Agricole 62% A.B.V. has the character and authenticity of over-proof rum. 


Very close to the distilled output proof of A.O.C. Martinique rhums agricoles, this rum is strong, robust and lively as well as reminiscent of the rich soils and the warm sunny climate of the West Indies. 


It gets its aromatic richness from the juice of fresh-cut sugarcanes  rigorously selected from the local, Southern plantations of Martinique. The distillation, in conformity with the renowned know-how of Maison La Mauny, gives this white rhum agricole a striking aroma and a pleasant mouthfeel. The fine flavors are enhanced with airing and flare-out upon sipping. Highly suggested for thrill seekers!


Characteristics :


White Rhum Agricole

62% A.B.V. 

Not aged

Available in 1 Litre Bottles

White Agricole 62% (Litre)