General presentation:  

This rum is made from the fermentation and distillation of pure sugarcane juice. Its pleasing variety of fruity and floral aromas together with its subtle flavors of spices make this rum outstanding and the worthy representative of the designation “A.O.C. Martinique” (“Protected Designation of Origin”).


Maison La Mauny White Rhum Agricole 40%, with its variety of aromas combined to its distinctive fruity flavor, makes an ideal base for light, tasty and flavorful cocktails. Add lime, fresh mint or sugar to make excellent Mojitos, Caipirinas and Rhum Tonics.



White Rhum Agricole

40% A.B.V. 

Not aged

Available in 70cl and 100cl bottles



2017 Rum Masters London –Master Price

2017 International Rum Competition  Madrid– Double Gold Medal

2017 Concours général agricole – Silver Medal

2016 International Rum Competition Madrid – Double Gold Medal

2016 Rum Masters London – Silver Medal

2016 International Wine and Spirit Competition London – Silver Medal

White Agricole 40%