General Presentation :

Among the Trois Rivières rum collection, VSOP Reserve Speciale is especially appealing.  Though faithful to the Trois Rivières style, the perfect smoothness and delicate fullness of this rum make it outstanding.
Trois Rivières VSOP is the result of a harmonious blend of rums aged for an average of 5 years in our cellars.
With its rich array of flavors, evolving layers of light tobacco, gingerbread and dried fruit, it will appeal, with panache, to amateurs as well as connoisseurs.
Enjoy it neat or in cocktails.  It makes a delicious Old Fashioned.
Characteristics : 
Aged rum Agricole
5 / 6 years old
40% A.B.V.
Aged in oak barrels

Awards :
Master – 2017 – « Rum Master », London, UK
Gold medal – 2017 – « Rum Renaissance», Miami, USA
Gold medal – 2017 – « CWSA Concours Classic », Hong Kong
Bronze medal – 2017 – « Rhum Fest », Paris

Trois Rivieres VSOP - 700ml