This 11yr old Trois Rivieres Single Cask is beautifuly packaged in a 500ml bottle. Golden apricot in colour and good presence of legs in glass. 

Sweet Ripened grape on the nose with oak and grey pepper. Notes of apple and brandy, similar to that of a slightly aged calvados. Subtle ginger bread and toffee, floral and very clean.

On the palate the flavour is very long but dominant on the front palate, and lingering for some time after sipping. Soft flavours of plum and prune dance across the palate leading to a powerful, robust mouthfeel, char / soft smoky flavour, earthy and clean with fruity, burnt sugar and tobacco throughout. The apple returns about 3/4 palate with a surprisingly delicate finish for such a powerful and complex rhum. 



43% Abv

Cane Harvest and Distillation 2001 - Entered barrel May 2002 / Bottled in December 2013

Trois Rivieres Single Cask 2001- 500ml


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