Aged in wood barrels in the warmth of the Paraguayan sun, Papagayo Spiced has a deep (and completely natural) color and a complex flavour of vanilla and chili pepper, packing a delectable aroma and just the right balance of sweetness and hot pepper punch. This exceptional flavour has earned Papagayo Rum eight medals in international spirits competitions.
Single Estate craft distilled in Paraguay
Aged 2 years in wooden barrels
No flavours or extracts have been added.
Papagayo Spiced is USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified, meaning only the finest ingredients are used, and these ingredients are grown sustainably and in a socially responsible manner.
Papagayo Spiced Rum is distilled exclusively from cane sugar, and is spiced with chili peppers and vanilla. These ingredients do not contain gluten of any kind.
2007 - Silver Medal – International Wine & Spirits Challenge
2006 - Bronze Medal – International Wine & Spirits Challenge
2005 - Bronze Medal – International Wine & Spirits Challenge

Bottle Size 700ml
ABV 37.5%

Papagayo Organic Fairtrade Spiced Rum

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