34% ABV/68 Proof. Kōloa Coffee is made from the
mash of raw Cane Sugar, distilled in an impressive
vintage 1,210 gallon steam powered copper pot still
and cut with filtered water from the ancient Mount
Wai‘ale‘ale. The spirit itself is a collaboration between
the Kaua'i Coffee Company and Kōloa Rum Company.
Appearance: This spirit pours and looks like a rich cup
of coffee with a deep brown opaque hue surrounded
by a light mahogany meniscus. Several swirls in the
glass reveal a hint of real coffee particulate that gather
in the slow running amber kissed legs.
Nose: Freshly ground and brewed Aribica and Robusto
Beans with the sweet smell of molasses and rich ,dark
chocolate undertones kissed with a touch of Lilikoi.
Taste and Finish: This intensely rich coffee flavored
rum is slightly lower in ABV., which facilitates the
amazingly complex flavors. The initial sip is a robust
espresso coffee balanced with white cane sugar . It
initially presents as a well-crafted espresso cocktail
and then it’s back to a dry finish of light vanilla,
hints of chocolate and that great coffee flavor that is
only achieved by a gr eat barista. Second and third
sips present hints of tropical fruit, hazelnut and
stone fruits in the finish. This is a remarkable spirit.

Koloa Coffee Rum 750ml 34%