Launched in May 2017, By the Dutch Gin was born to bring the heritage of this distillate under the spotlight. It is batch distilled in Schiedam, home town of Genever, and features 8 botanicals of the tradition. Perhaps a bit nostalgic of its ancestor’s smooth notes, our Gin retains a touch of malt that makes it very special in its kind.

Alc: 42.5% ABV
Size: 700ml
Origin: The Netherlands
Production area: Schiedam
Produced/Distilled by: Herman Jansen

Botanicals: Juniper berries, blood orange, lemon peel, dried laurel (bay leaf), cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, coriander.

The maceration time for each botanical is ± 15 days, before distillation. The exact time is different for each botanical.


BTD - Dry Gin - 42.5%