“Batavia Arrack” is a distillate based on sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia. It’s comprised of a very specific range of Pot still distillates originating from the East Indies, produced on the Island of Java, Indonesia. It’s the “rum” of Indonesia. The fermentation process includes the addition of local fermented (red) rice; it is this, which sets it apart from Rum, although the base material is still sugarcane. Distillation of these products is carried out using very traditional Pot stills, adopting ancient Chinese distillers’ methods.


  • Batavia Arrack
  • Aged Up to 8 years aged in oak barrels
  • Alc: 48% ABV
  • Size: 700ml
  • Region: Java Island
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Production area: Blended and stored in Amsterdam
  • Bottled in Schiedam
  • Color: Golden/Amber


Raw materials:
100% Sugarcane molasses. Small amount of local red rice has been used in fermentation process.

Herewith we declare that our Batavia Arrack is produced in compliance with Kosher directions on feedstock.
Distilling process:Fermentation of the wash from molasses (sugarcane by-product), water and added local red rice, in wooden vats up to ± 8% abv.The ready wash is distilled in very old fashioned Pot-stills up to ± 30% abv.Second distillation in another pot-still up to 60-65% abv.The Batavia Arrack has been stored and shipped to Amsterdam.The Batavia Arrack is laid down in large oak casks in Amsterdam.The Batavia Arrack is blended according to an unique and secret recipe by our master blender and brought back to an abv of 48% abv.

BTD - Batavia Arrack - 48%

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