The Foursquare 12yr olds - Doorlys, Real McCoy, Clifton Hall

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Today was one of the fun and interesting ones where Quittin' Time and Liquor MOJO got together to dissect four brand labelled rums from the Foursquare Rum Distillery - Doorly's, Real McCoy and Clifton Hall.

Uniquely, these are:

- all aged 12 years in the tropics;

- all from the Foursquare Rum Distillery (Barbados);

- all blends of column and pot still distillates; and,

- all are additive free.

So what makes them different and can we be sure they aren't the same rums labelled differently?

To this we conclude most definitely, they are not the same rum! All of these rums are similar in that they have the distinct Foursquare foundation in their makeup, though, pleasantly showcased some subtle and in some cases strong differences both on the nose and in their taste. Below comments relate to the rums comparatively rather than a tasting note:

Doorly's 12 (40%) - ex-bourbon / ex-madeira

Soft mouthfeel and round in complexity where neither portion of the blend over-powers the other. This one is visibly the lightest in colour of the four. The Madeira influence is fairly subtle and doesn't play a dominant role however it adds a dimension of refinement when smelling and when it's in your mouth when compared to the next one in the lineup, the Real McCoy 12.

Real McCoy 12 (40%) - ex-bourbon

Strongest note of bourbon on the nose among the 4 tested and a little less rounded in its construct. We felt this one presented a slightly lighter body - presumably a touch more liquid from a column still when compared to the others. We can't assume it's the same makeup as the RM12 Madeira, though if it is, the 46% ABV and Madiera cask have a large influence on the final product as this RM12 has more notable bourbon influence and a little rigidity.

Real McCoy 12 Limited Edition Madeira (46%) ex-bourbon / ex-madeira

By far the most complex nose of the 4 - we believe the 46% contributed to that and the fact it carried the most flavour upon tasting as well. Similar to the Doorlys 12, the makeup seemed well balanced - neither pot or column seemed to dominate, though presented at 46% ABV the Madeira shined through and the flavours spread laterally across the palate where the other rums maintained a level of control throughout.

Clifton Hall 12 (40%) - ex-bourbon

Clifton Hall is a little more rare than Doorly's and Real McCoy however Liquor Mojo has managed to come by a few bottles and was kind enough to share one for this session.

We felt the Clifton Hall naturally carried more complexity on the pallet than the others - perhaps from a more dominant presence of pot still. We found a rawness about this one differentiating it a little further than the others but again, with that renowned FS foundation and uniqueness. Lots of flavour and drier finish.

For more info on the beautiful rums from Foursquare or to purchase, check out the following links:

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