We are a family-owned company which has a passion for seeking out the world’s best, and often unique, rums and selected spirits. Our focus is to import them to and distribute them throughout Australia. 


Our passion started with the discovery of the world's best flavoured rums (Brinley Gold Shipwreck) in 2004. After researching the rum market in Australia and learning how lacking it was in quality brands which were available throughout the rest of the world, we established our company, Quittin’ Time Pty Ltd, in October 2006. It was ‘quittin’ time’ - time to leave the corporate life, and follow a passion in the pursuit of quality rums.


Rum, has played a fascinating role throughout history, and has influenced the world in such a way, that we now live in an environment largely created by rum!  Rum is the most versatile spirit in the world of cocktails and it is through rum, that our company has enjoyed a fantastic growth year after year. We are proud to say that our company now offers the largest variety of high quality rums within Australia!


As importers dedicated to unique and premium spirits, we feel our portfolio will rival any other similar product in the market! Our passion continues to grow and our quest continues to expand, in seeking out more and more unique products to ‘bring home to Australia’ for our customers to enjoy.


Being a family business we work very closely together, and this helps us ensure that we can offer an excellent service Australia-wide. We work tirelessly to make sure our systems are in place and our customers have a great experience when purchasing through us. We continue to learn and have become spirit enthusiasts in our own right. We are passionate about providing as much information about the products we import to our customers, and do our best to become knowledgeable about each spirit and its history. We are always willing to share what information we have with you, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask anytime! If you have any information to share with us, please do, as we are avid listeners as well.


Thanks for visiting our site and reading about our story. We hope you enjoy the products you purchase from us, and more importantly we hope it takes you and your mind to a relaxed place. Remember, it’s Quittin' Time. Enjoy!


- The Rum Guys