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Kaua‘i is the natural home for the Kōloa Rum Company. Sugarcane came to Hawai‘i by ancient Polynesian voyagers in their migration from the South Pacif ic. Commercial sugar production operations in Hawai‘i was first established in the town of Kōloa in 1835. The initial harvest in 1837 produced two tons of raw sugar, and talking story with old timers reveals that rum production began around this time as well. The legacy of sugar and rum in Hawai‘i lives on today through Kōloa Rum.

Kōloa Rum is a single-batch, craft distiller and bottler. Carefully and skillfully handcrafted rum from the finest sugarcane and the pure, abundant water of Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i. Pristine rainwater from Mount Wai‘ale‘ale and the nearby mountain peaks and rain forest is captured and slowly filtered through volcanic strata before finally reaching vast underground aquifers. Kaua‘i water imparts its own unique taste and “mouth feel” that perfectly complements Kōloa Rum. This, combined with the “tall cane” sugarcane, results in the truly unique and delicious Kaua‘i White, Gold, Dark, Spice, Coconut, Coffee and Aged Rums.